Is Bishop Eddie Long on the down low? Several young men have come forward to accuse the popular pastor of sexual misconduct. They say they were groomed by the pastor at a young age and began a sexual affair with Bishop Eddie Long after they turned 16. That is the legal age of consent in Georgia. According to the young mens lawsuit, they were showered with gifts, money, a college education, and one man  even participated in a “marriage ceremony” with the pastor.

Of course Bishop Eddie Long is denying the allegations. The three young men have already come forward and they expect many more. It’s unfortunate that if the Bishop is gay, that he feels the need to be on the down low and take advantage of teen boys in his parish. The police are saying it will be hard to prove the case since all the young men were over 16 and were able to consent to the sexual relationship.

B.J. Bernstein, an attorney representing the plaintiffs, said she opened her investigation after getting a call from one of the men. The Associated Press normally does not name people who claim they are victims of sexual impropriety, but Bernstein said all three — Maurice Robinson, 20, and Anthony Flagg, 21, and Jamal Parris, 23 — have consented to making their identities public.

Bernstein said she didn’t trust local authorities to investigate the claims. “This is a really large church that’s incredibly politically powerful,” Bernstein said. “There are pictures of this guy with every politician around. With something this important, how can I trust that word didn’t get back to the bishop?”

Fortunately for Bishop Eddie Long his parish is standing by him. I’m sure there will be more stories to unfold. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova

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