In the Bachelor Pad finale, the remaining house guests get vote between two couples to win the $250k. One of the couples is Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn who are boyfriend and girlfriend, or Dave Good and Natalie Getz.  It appears that Kiptyn and Tenley the Disney couple, are the least liked couple in the house, could Dave and Natalie actually win.

King of spoilers, Reality Steve, dished the goods in a recent post. WARNING MAJOR BACHELOR PAD SPOILER: Both couples plead their case to former Bachelor Pad house guests, Tenley annoys everyone with a 20 minute monologue and ends up sealing the deal for Dave Good and Natalie Getz.  In a twist, Dave and Natalie are separated and told to go into another room and vote whether or not they want to “share or keep” the $250k. If they both write share, they split the $250k, and if they write keep, the remaining cast gets to split the $250k. Interesting. Fortunately for Dave Good and Natalie Getz, they get to share the love and end up splitting the cash.

Afterward, there is a big after party. It’s reported that Gia Allemand and Wes Hayden hook up and Dave Good is the guy every girl wants to go home with. The lucky lady that gets “Man Code” for the night is Jessie. Congrats girl. I wonder what’s next for sexy Dave Good, where do you go after Bachelor Pad? Could ABC actually pick Dave Good as the Bachelor if Chris Lambton turns it down? Probably not but he definitely is hot. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova

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