Lady Gaga no doubt is a superstar, many musicians and producers have touched her soul and inspired her music. Is Lady Gaga a creative genius or just a copycat? Now that she is a multi-platinum artist, the others left behind, who helped Lady Gaga become successful want their recognition and in some instances their cash.

Today, the mother of the singer Lina Morgana, has accused Lady Gaga of stealing her act. Lina Morgana a singer who died in 2008, was introduced to Lady Gaga by their mutual producer,Rob Fusari, and worked on several songs together. Her heartbroken mother, Yana Morgana, is seeking rights to release songs the pair recorded before 19-year-old Lina committed suicide.  She accuses Lady Gaga of basically being a thief and liar.

Lina’s ex-manager says Lady Gaga did write some of the Lina Morgana’s songs, and they recorded 12 more together that were not released. Her mother, Yana Morgana, accuses Gaga of stealing her daughter’s “fashion style, performance techniques and dramatic stagecraft,” according to She also told the paper that Gaga assumed her daughter’s dark side, saying: “[Gaga] talks about having a dark and tragic life, but she had everything she wanted in the world. She went to [the same] high school as Nicky Hilton; her parents were rich. But Lina did have a tough life.” Gaga hit the national stage a month after Lina died.

Ex-boyfriend and producer Rob Fusari sued the artist earlier this year for $30 million, saying he discovered her. She counter sued in March. Who is responsible for Lady Gaga? Is it only the artist herself, or the music producers, the labels, and anyone else that helped her achieve her monster success?

If Yana Morgana really wants Lady Gaga allow her to release her daughters music, she would probably be more successful by asking not accusing her of stealing her daughters style. If anything, Lady Gaga is a cross between Madonna meets Cyndi Laupner meets David Bowie.  The accusation over her tragic life I guess is Lady Gaga trying to stretch the truth and have more street cred. Lina Morgana, who is incredibly talented, sadly decided to tragically end her life at such a young age.

If you would like to listen to Lina Morgana’s music and see more photos of her, you can visit her official web site here.  Wishing Yana Morgana lots of love and light, she’s obviously still mourning the loss of her beautiful daughter.

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Jacy Nova

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