The Big Brother 12 live feeds are back on. Last night, Britney was officially evicted as a house guest and was sent on her merry way to the Jury House. The remaining final three Hayden, Lane, and Enzo started their wild and wacky jungle themed Endurance Competition. There are a set of three HOH competitions before the Big Brother 12 house gets it final two. Exciting!

Last night, the Big Brother 12 live feeds came back on around 9pm and it shows the Brigade in their final week in the Big Brother 12 house. Locked away from friends and family for the last two months have been tough. Hayden looking pensive and exhausted, has positioned himself to make it to the final two. In a Big Brother 12 spoiler alert, it appears that Hayden wins the first of three Endurance Competitions. Which means Hayden is one step closer to the final two. Can he make it?

Last night on the live feeds, we found that the Big Brother 12 competition part two is between Lane and Enzo. So one of them will be going home. Today, fans get to vote on their favorite house guest, the America’s Choice Poll. Whoever wins the fan vote, wins $25k dollars. In the Big Brother 12 polls, Britney is leading with over 30% of the vote. A nice consolation prize for making it to the final four.

One part of the Big Brother 12 live feeds Astrochicks won’t miss is Lane’s sexy time in the shower. LOL! Enzo is having a minor anxiety attack thinking today is the finale. It’s actually next week but I can imagine how you lose track of time while stuck in that house. The boys hit the sack early last night, excited about their big day and I’m sure dollars dancing through their head.

Can’t wait to see who wins in the Big Brother 12 finale. Who will the Jury House vote for? Also, don’t forget to vote on your  favorite Big Brother 12 competitor. Also, Patty Kamson will be tweeting live. You can check it out here. Stay tuned.

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