It’s getting down to the wire for Big Brother 12 fans. Hayden the leader of the Brigade alliance, not only won head of household but he also won power of veto this week.  Greedy Gemini, HOH and POV? Which leaves Enzo as the sole voter on whether Britney or Lane is kicked to the curb. Will Enzo pull a coup and send Lane packing over Britney? Probably not, he seems like he’s a loyal guy.

Britney a Virgo, has been bawling all weekend on the Big Brother 12 live feeds. Crying over the Brigade alliance, bummed she has no chance to make it to the final three. The little girl has done good. The Brigade alliance from the beginning, systematically eliminated each women from the competition. The girls were too busy being catty and really never had a chance.

The Big Brother 12 house guests are on lock down until 5:40pm,  Tuesday night. Hayden says if he wins the $500k, he will give most of it to his mom. What a sweet guy.  The POV ceremony is suppose to take place today or tomorrow but may not actually happen. Why? According to BB Dish, you should read between the lines.

Julie Chen says, “Wednesday at 8/7 central, I’ll be back for a special Big Brother 12 eviction episode. That’s when we’ll hold the final Veto Competition and Veto meeting, plus we’ll begin the final 3 part HoH competition. Then the next night, the battle for the final and most powerful HoH continues… Who will move one step closer to winning the half million dollar prize. Find out next Thursday.”

Britney in a very catty moment, says she has no desire to keep in touch with Kathy or Rachel after the show. Ouch! Britney! Astrochicks wonders if any of the Big Brother 12 house guests will keep in touch. Personally, I think the final three dudes will stay friends. Especially Hayden and Lane, they are close in age and single.

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Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.