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  1. The HOH always gets to play in the POV challenges! at this point in the game you can’t chance to throw the games, it always comes back to bite them in the butt!

  2. I didn’t understand that either. Why did he get to win POV also? In the live feeds, Hayden said to the camera he may have screwed himself out of the final two for not allowing the others to win POV.

  3. Why did Hayden, the HOH get to be in the POV this time around? Now that he has won, what is he going to do, change his mind? Veto himself? This just shows the “game” is rigged, I bet the winner has been known since July 5, 2010. I know when Britney leaves, I will stop watching. She is the only reason I have watched, and I am disapointed in not getting to see more of her. BB12 has really sucked. Swimsuits in the tub. Really. BBAD is even worse, nothing but whinning and crying most nights. And who wants to see pink lawn flamingos, if I wanted that I would buy some.

  4. honestly i really dont see either of them getting asked back for allstars, the only ones from this season that i see coming back are, rachel, brendon, britney, regan(maybe), matt(maybe)

  5. I think the brigade alliance was really neat. And the loyalty and trust represented in the group is remarkable. However, I am really bummed to know that Brittany or Lane did not win the POV. I think Brittany has played hard throughout this whole game and I just don’t really think it is fair that Enzo has been CARRIED this whole game and now gets to advance to the final three just because of who he was friends with in the house. He hadn’t won anything in the WHOLE game until the POV competition last week. It really stinks that he gets to think that he played a good game and that he deserves a spot in the final three, because in all honesty, without the Brigade, he would have been gone a LONG TIME ago. I can see why Brittany is bummed, I am bummed too 🙁

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