Jennifer Grey, one of the fan favorites pegged to win Dancing With the Stars, has said the reality show opportunity has saved her life. In a shocking new interview, Jennifer reveals that she found out she had cancer after she was asked to be on the show.  ET confirms a report in which Jennifer says it was only after she was approached to do “DWTS” that she finally went to a surgeon about her nagging neck pain.

According to Jennifer, a spinal surgeon learned that after a tragic car accident Jennifer had years back had ripped ligaments in her neck and had degenerated. The doctor told the iconic ‘Dirty Dancing’ actress that she was one car accident or one fall away from being paralyzed. Jennifer soon underwent surgery and says she feels great today.

During the exam, Jennifer Grey’s surgeon encouraged her to get a lump in throat checked out. She had written it off as a benign nodule. Unfortunately, the lump turned out to be cancerous. Jennifer’s rep tells ET that she did not require treatment (chemotherapy or radiation), adding that she’s in fantastic shape.

Jennifer Grey, born under the zodiac sign of Aries, was previously engaged to Johnny Depp and Matthew Broderick. A fun loving girl, she’s full of passion, warm, affectionate and very competitive. Looking absolutely fabulous at 50, she’s been paired with Derek Hough which should guarantee her the final four. The former Dirty Dancing star also has a solid chance of winning the prized Dancing With the Stars trophy.

Astrochicks wishing her lots of luck. Jennifer Grey, Mike the Situation and the Hoff are definitely our favorites.

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Jacy Nova

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