Paris Hilton is in big trouble. After her arrest in Las Vegas friday night, the reality princess was officially charged with felony possession of cocaine. I wonder what Mom and Dad think? What’s even worse, her boyfriend Cy Waits, who was charged with a DUI, was fired from his job at Wynn Hotel over the arrest.

If Paris Hilton is convicted of a low-grade felony, under Nevada law, Hilton could be punished with a maximum of four years in jail. However, such a sentence is not likely, says a former D.A. “Although the law in Nevada does tend to be more stringent than in California, in reality it is not likely Paris will receive such a harsh sentence,” former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, Robin Sax told Pop Tarts. “Usually 18 months after one conviction, it gets dismissed. It is more likely that, if convicted, Paris will be given probation which could involve substance abuse class and treatment, and a $5000 fine. She may also still get probation with a small amount of jail time, [like] 30 days.”

Born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, Paris Hilton claims the cocaine found in her purse was not hers. The police discovered the cocaine after it fell out of her purse.  If Hilton is smart, she needs to be honest with the police and go to rehab. She’s walking on thin ice and was previously sentenced to 45 days in 2007  for a DUI. A cocaine conviction would most likely be a violation of her probation in California. No court date has been set for her trial in Nevada. Hopefully everything works out for our girl. She’s had a rough week. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova

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