Bachelor Pad kissed goodbye two more house guests this week. On Monday night, the competitors were asked to fill out a “popularity questionnaire,” where each person got to rate the other in the house. The next morning, the bachelor and bachelorettes were quizzed on how the house voted. Who answered the most questions right? Tenley Molzahn and Jesse Beck.

The Bachelor Pad questionnaire was quite revealing. The house voted Kiptyn Locke, most likely to win. The biggest enemy, Krisily Kennedy. The most shallow, Elizabeth Kitt. Poor girl, not only is she crazy, she’s narcissistic. The dumbest, Gwen Gioia, ouch that had to hurt. The biggest jerk, no surprise, Wes. The worst boob job, Elizabeth Kitt again.

Then the competitors were asked to fill out a questionnaire, which asked them to rate the others in the house. The next morning, after the votes were tallied, the bachelors and bachelorettes were put to the test and asked to guess how the majority voted.

The ABC producers must have a mean streak, I’m sure some feelings were hurt after that. Wes Hayden said, “I know how sensitive women can be and this competition did the most damage to the women.”

Gwen Gioia had to console Natalie Getz, who was in tears because she had been the correct answer to the question: Who will always be a bridesmaid, never a bride? In fact, she was just at Jesse Csincsak and Ann Lueders wedding this weekend in Vegas.

Just like Big Brother 12, when you’re competing for money, a person’s true colors come out. Astrochicks has to agree, Kiptyn Locke is most likely to win the cash. The big question is did Tenley Molzahn win his love or is she a cash runner up? Not sure if it’s a long term romance but Tenley definitely is a lucky girl if she captures Kiptyn’s heart. I guess we will have to find out after the Bachelor Pad finale. Stay tuned!

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Jacy Nova

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