Former Bachelorette star, Chris Lambton attended a charity golf tournament with Chris Harrison last weekend. It appears that our sexy Aries boy may be having second thoughts on becoming the next Bachelor. Has ABC and Mike Fleiss finally talked him in to accepting their proposal? Or did Chris Harrison twist his arm?

In a new article, Chris Lambton admits he’s still on the fence about finding love on a reality show.  “I’d want to do it the right way for myself in order to end up with the perfect girl for me,” he said. “If I needed to break the rules, so be it.” ABC may have to acquiesce. Rumor has it they have no backup plan. So what’s Chris’ biggest hangup? “He thought it was weird to have people watch him so closely on the show,” a source told Us.

Chris Harrison on the other hand has high hopes that Chris Lambton will accept. “There’s an ongoing dialogue,” Bachelor and Bachelorette host Chris Harrison tells PEOPLE. “I was just with him this weekend in North Carolina and we talked about the show … it may be right for him, but it may not be.”

Maybe Astrochicks is being overly optimistic but it sounds like Chris Lambton may have had a change of heart. Not only will he get a six figure salary to appear on the Bachelor, he gets to date 25 super hot ladies and in the end may find his Cinderella. He would be a fool to pass up such a great opportunity.

Next week, ABC will be making the Dancing With the Stars cast announcement and hopefully the Bachelor announcement in the following weeks. Come on Chris, show us some Bachelor love. Stay tuned!

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Jacy Nova

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