Last nights Double Eviction on Big Brother 12 was crazy. Ragan won POV, so Matt and Brendon were evicted and off to the Jury House. It appears Hayden’s brigade strategy has worked and he’s almost guaranteed to make it to the final three. Who will he take with him?

The game play has become intense on Big Brother 12. The remaining house guests are one step closer to winning the $500k. Who won new HOH for the upcoming week, spoiler alert, Lane. Whoa, who will he end up nominating for eviction? Astrochicks predicts he will nominate Ragan and Enzo as the pawn. This means that Ragan will have to win Power of Veto AGAIN, to remain safe in the house.

As Hayden’s Brigade rolls into the final four, most likely it will be Hayden, Lane, Enzo and Britney in the end. Will Lane stay loyal to Hayden or will he allow his feelings for Britney cloud his decision? It’s pretty obvious he has the hots for Britney but she’s got her fiance back home Nick.  According to the live feeds, it appears Lane loves money more than his honey Britney. He tells Hayden, “Lane; Oh yeah. Worst case scenario, Ragan wins POV, Britney goes up – Britney goes home, or Enzo, I don’t care.” I guess Hayden and Lane have the bromance alliance going on.

In our opinion, the three best players left in the Big Brother 12 house is Ragan, Hayden and Britney. Enzo hasn’t won anything yet and I don’t think deserves to win the $500k. Lane has stepped up his game play in the last couple of weeks. He’s definitely a cool dude and deserves to win the money. If it comes down to Lane and Hayden, who will the Jury House vote for? That’s going to be a tough one.

The Big Brother 12 live feeds should be interesting this weekend. The remaining house guests have been locked up for two months now and must really miss home. At least if Hayden, Lane and Britney make it to the final three they will still win some serious cash.

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.