DANCING WITH THE STARS Rumors, Mike the Situation, Bachelorette Ali and Roberto Martinez Fan Favorites to Win?

Dancing With the Stars has cast an interesting show this season.  The dance floor will be flooded with reality stars including: Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Audrina Partridge, and maybe even Ali and Roberto from the Bachelorette. The newest cast members announced is Bristol Palin and David Hassellhoff, I hear the Hoff does a mean salsa.

In a new interview with Extra, Ali Fedotowsky was asked if she was joining Dancing With the Stars, along with her fiance, Roberto Martinez. Here’s what Bachelorette Ali said. “No, we really haven’t been asked,” Ali lamented, as we chatted with her at a Gold’s Gym, where she was trying out UbiSoft’s new dance workout WII game. “I swear! Call me, I would love to!” Astrochicks is surprised Bachelorette Ali hasn’t been asked but Bristol Palin has. Is Bachelorette Ali keeping a secret? They definitely would be a fan favorite. Two hard working Virgos, would take those sexy dance moves very seriously.

Twitter is buzzing about Bristol Palin’s casting on DWTS and one particular tweet stood out on Twitter: @Jesus_M_Christ: Bristol Palin is considered a “star” but Pluto is no longer a planet? Messed up. We couldn’t agree more but Republicans love Sarah Palin and her baby girl Bristol. I wonder what Levi Johnston thinks about all of this? That’s right, he’s too busy running for Mayor of Wasila to care.

Astrologically, it looks like Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino or Roberto Martinez have the best chance for winning Dancing With the Stars. America loves Jersey Shore and the Bachelorette. In the end, it will depend on which dance partners each one gets. I expect Mike the Situation to definitely make it to the final four, born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, he will emotionally connect with the audience.  Can’t wait till the season starts.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.

Website: http://www.astrochicks.com

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  1. I will be so surprised if they don’t pick Ali or Roberto. In the interview, she said she wasn’t asked but she didn’t say Roberto wasn’t. Or maybe ABC is trying to keep the suspense going.

  2. I guess we should write to ABC and tell them we would like to see Ali and Roberto on DWTS. IT’s all in the numbers. If enough of us write in maybe they’ll listen.

  3. Good grief ABC. Put Ali and Roberto on DWTS. They are adorable and nice to look at and both will be good dancers. I can’t believe this isn’t a no brainer. Ali pulled in fantastic ratings on the Bachelorette. Why wouldn’t you be gobbling this up?

  4. I can’t imagine why ABC wanted Jake (who liked him?! seriously?!) but they don’t want Roberto and Ali? That’s crazy talk. They are adorable together and they’re both good dancers. I hope Ali is just saying they haven’t been asked because that’s the easiest way to dodge the question. Or maybe they plan to do it next year. There’s no reason that HAVE to do it right now, it can wait.

  5. If you got to abc.com they have information to write, etc. You might want to post on boards, etc. I have a feeling at least Ali will be on the show. I can’t imagine they would choose Bristol Palin over Ali…

  6. Where can I write ABC to get these two on Dancing With the Stars? They are a natural fit, they are both gorgeous, part of the ABC family and can dance!

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