It’s double eviction tonight and the Big Brother 12 house guests don’t know there really IS a double eviction tonight.  Will Matt and Brendon be sent home? The housemates are thinking it may be next week.  The Pisces Full Moon definitely has created confusion and deceit in the house.  HOH Britney is trying to form last minute alliances. Does she really hate Brendon or do they have a secret pact? Leo Matt is mad that he has been betrayed by the Brigade,  Matt knows he’s going to the Big Brother 12 Jury house and is now trying to put a wrench in The Brigade!  Will it work?  We will find out on Big Brother 12 tonight!

Tenacious Taurus Ragan is methodically working his plan to NOT get nominated and to win HOH.  It may be a mute point because at this point the majority of the Big Brother 12 house feels the second eviction tonight will be between Ragan and Britney.  Ragan would have to win HOH or POV to NOT get evicted tonight!

Sensitive Cancer Brendon is still in the mix but is being used as a pawn by The Brigade.  The Brigade better be careful because Brendon has proved himself in competitions where The Brigade has NOT!  My hope is that Yo Capricorn Enzo or Hayden will win one of the HOH’s tonight but I think Ragan has a good chance to win as well.

Who will make it to the Big Brother 12 final four?  Will it be Hayden, Lane, Brendon and Enzo? Or will the Brigade manage to kick Brendon to the curb and take Britney all the way. Tune in Big Brother 12 tonight to see which two house guests will get evicted tonight and who wins HOH!  Then the lying, plotting, and scheming will start all over again for the coming week!

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.