The Big Brother 12 drama is overflowing with emotion this week. The house guests after being locked up for 52 days, are going bonkers. The Big Brother 12 house guests face a double elimination this week, which house guests will go to the Jury Room.  Britney HOH this week, nominated Brendon and Enzo for eviction. Brendon luckily won POV and now Britney must decide whether or not to put Matt or Ragan up for elimination.

Hayden’s Brigade alliance has been officially broken and everyone in the Big Brother 12 house is wheeling and dealing. Hayden and Lane have promised to take Britney to the final four. Ragan thought he had an alliance with Matt, the only problem is his good buddy Matt threw him under the bus and is trying to get Britney to put Ragan up for eviction. Of course cry baby Ragan is heart broken, he thought he had a bromance going on with Matt. Guess not. Ragan tells Britney, ” I feel like a dumbass. It makes me look like an idiot. Me crying all last week?”  Britney tells Ragan, “Matt will deny it all. He’s a very persuasive person. He could make murder sound appealing.” She’s got that right. Matt the Leo only cares about himself.

In the end, Britney decides NOT to put Ragan up for elimination. Matt is up for renomination and it appears may be going home on Thursday, unless of course he can convince the Big Brother 12 house to kick Enzo out. Brendon tries to kiss and make up with Hayden. Hayden apologizes for being a douchebag at times, I feel a bromance brewing. Hayden even says on the live feeds he would vote for Brendon if he made it to the final two and Hayden was in the Jury house.

Big Brother 12 on Thursday is going to be off the hook. A double elimination, what two house guests will be going home? My guess it will be Matt and possibly even Britney in the second eviction. Either way, Matt and Ragan look very depressed on the live feeds. Matt because he’s probably going home and Ragan is upset because Matt betrayed him.

Stay tuned, Big Brother 12 on Thursday should be off the hook. Patty Kamson will be tweeting live, check her out at

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Jacy Nova

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