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  1. We can only hope that Matt outs the brigade in his speech. I can’t believe that Brit has not told him yet that the boys wanted him out. Let’s hope she does and he plans his revenge. What does he have to lose?
    Of course he offered Ragan up – there is strength in numbers. What else could he do?
    When will they learn that Hayden got the prizes? What a low life.

  2. I think Britney, Ragan, Matt and Brendon have played the best game. Especially Ragan, no one found out he was the Saboteur. Unfortunately, he let his emotions get the best of him. It will be interesting to see who wins HOH this week. If Brendon can kick out Hayden or Lane, he will be in good shape.

  3. I have a strange feeling that Brit and Brendon may have a secret alliance that even the audience doesn’t know about.
    I think that it could be a big reason for him to get chained up with Brit. Either way, I’m not buying his “I wanted to sleep in the HoH bed”…if only it was to assure that no game talk went on during that time.

  4. I think Matt under estimates the other players. His ego is too big. I think Ragan may vote for him to stay. I still believe that Brendon has a shot to make it to the final four. It really depends on who wins HOH. Britney needs to watch her back, she’s the sacrificial lamb.

  5. So much for Matt claiming to be a diabolical super genius! Why in the world would he campaign to get Ragan put up instead of Hayden? He knows Hayden and Enzo are gunning for him, and he had Ragan in his back pocket. He really blew it and deserves to go home on Thursday.

    This whole season has been so crazy! I just have not been able to find someone that I wanted to root for, and now I really don’t want any of them to win. They’re all nuts, and they’re driving me nuts. It’s gotten hard to watch!

  6. You’re guess is Britney for double eviction! Well your guess is Wrong! Think Again. Maybe it will be Enzo or Hayden who knows! Teambritney All The Way!

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