Big Brother has turned up the volume for season 12!  Britney won new HOH and the Brigade alliance has been broken. King Matt has become too powerful and they are trying to push him out of the house. Brendon is trying to convince Britney that she’s being double crossed by Matt and Ragan, plus Hayden and Enzo who have no plans to take her to the Big Brother 12 final four. Britney has to make a tough decision on who to nominate for elimination. Can Britney make a secret deal to make it to the final four? In the end, she nominates Brendon and Enzo to be evicted. Enzo think he’s the pawn, will Brendon win POV?

Mercury turned retrograde on August 20th, Pandora’s Box was opened and during the Power of Veto competition, Big Brother 12 offered the house guests deals they may regret!  What would you do the half a million dollars?  Well practical Capricorn Enzo volunteered to give all his clothes in the house to charity and wear a penguin suit for seven days!  Sensitive Cancer Brendon volunteered to shave his head, eat slop for three more weeks, picked Britney to be chained to for 24 hours, as well as take a chum bath (smells like fish & yeast) every hour for 24 hours!  Between messenger Mercury going retrograde and the emotional Full Moon on Tuesday in Pisces, the house has lost its mind.

SPOILER ALERT – Catty Virgo Britney, nominated Brendon and Enzo (as a pawn) for eviction! The house is getting down to evicting their own Big Brother 12 alliances and the tables are now turning on King Leo Matt.  In this last POV competition, the house guests are complaining that Matt won prizes (which he denies) and was not going for the POV because he felt safe.  But surprise surprise, SPOILER ALERT – Brendon won the POV and it looks like Matt is going to be back-doored!  Lane, Hayden, Enzo and Britney have now made alliance for Big Brother final our!  Ragan is so emotional again and his Taurus ego is going to get him voted out of the house if he’s not careful…

I have to say, while watching the Big Brother 12 live feeds Brendon and Britney are being very sweet with each other.  You would never know that just hours prior to them being tied together they were mortal enemies.  Things change quickly in the Big Brother 12 house!

Tune in tonight, check out the nominations and what America voted for the “Have Nots” to eat.  Then the lying, plotting, and scheming will start all over again for the coming Big Brother 12 week!

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Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.