Frances Bean Cobain, the only child of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, turned 18 on her birthday this week.  Born under the zodiac sign of Leo, Frances Bean has  inherited her mother’s love of drama and her dad’s creative passion. Headed off to Bard College in New York this month, it offers a lush campus, a wide variety of degrees to pursue and is located only 90 miles outside of New York City.

Frances Bean Cobain, who has been estranged from her mother for the last two years, is finally free and can pursue life as an adult. Mommy Dearest, Courtney Love, has been writing rants on her blog about her baby girl. The most recent post, Love wrote: “I hate to sound cold but any kid of mine who pulls this s*** has lost her position… she was deceptive, she lied and she’s lying to herself… my daughter is not always honest.” Courtney Love born under the zodiac sign of Cancer can be a bit emotional.

In another post, Courtney Love gave insight into the complex financial situation that lies between mother and daughter, writing: “The fact is fbc (Frances Bean Cobain) is deluded. She thinks she has all this money. The point is I have all the money she has.” What does that mean? She cleaned out her trust fund out? I don’t know, Courtney Love seems like one hot mess to me.

In another incoherent rant, Courtney Love claims that Frances Bean will receive $40k monthly allowance from her trust. Other speculate the trust is worth millions. Last year, it’s reported Kurt Cobain’s publishing royalties equaled over $40 million dollars. Kaching.

Most recently, the Seattle based investment firm that manages France’s inheritance got a judge to freeze Courtney Love out of the trust. They claimed millions of dollars had gone missing. For now, Frances Bean must be thrilled to be independent and free to pursue her father’s legacy without all the family drama.

Frances Bean Cobain’s, Sun in Leo, combined with her Moon in Aries, makes her very outspoken, with a warm personality. Her Venus in Virgo and Mars in Gemini, makes her picky in love and a bit of flirt. Also, it shows she’s insecure in relationships and finds it hard to trust others.  Astrologically, lots of changes for Frances Beans over the next two years, she will be very disciplined creatively and emotionally she will continue to keep her distance from Mommy Dearest, Courtney Love.  Astrochicks wishes Frances Bean a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy your new freedom and cash girl!

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.