The Big Brother 12 spoilers, DPOV showdown is tonight. When Matt whips out  his Diamond Power of Veto tonight, I expect the shocking reveal, sends the house into a tailspin. Will Hayden and the Brigade be angry that Matt lied to them?  Will Lane automatically be evicted or will Matt put up Kathy to be evicted? Astrochicks believes Kathy will be sent home tonight.   The game play should be intense. Hayden is reevaluating his alliance with Matt, who’s made a pact with Enzo to go to the final four. Matt has a secret alliance with Ragan, will they allow Britney to go to the final four as well?

The last couple of days have been extremely emotional for Virgo Britney and practical Taurus, Ragan the Saboteur, because they’ve been “Have Nots” all week!  Lack of food can definitely make you cranky. Not being able to talk to family and have the comforts of home is wearing them down!  Ragan and Britney are earth signs and rely more on the physical comforts of life such as food and a comfortable bed to get them through tough times.  King Diamond Power of Veto, Leo Matt, is a fire sign is a “Have Not” as well but seems to be better able to cope.  Fire signs are creative and inspired.  Oh and it can’t hurt that he has the Diamond Power of Veto. I’m sure that makes Matt sleep well in the Big Brother 12 house each night.

Since Ragan the Saboteur, took himself off the block and Brendon put up Matt for eviction instead in the Big Brother 12 house, everyone is STILL trying to figure out who the Saboteur is. The consensus seems to be Kathy.  Seriously? All she does is whine and sleep. There was a note left under Enzo’s pillow by the Saboteur that read “I know your secret”.  LOL! After much discussion, Enzo concluded that Kathy was the only one who had an opportunity to leave the note.  Saboteur Ragan is beside himself with glee!

The Brendon HOH bashing is continuous in the Big Brother 12 house.  Come on guys, is Brendon really that bad?  Born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, he’s kinda cheesy and emotional, but overall he’s alright. Whether it’s Brendon’s cooking, his “love” for Rachel. Britney can’t stop talking about how disgusting he is, he’s her resident whipping boy. Brendon will be shocked when he views the Big Brother 12 show, after eviction. Ouch that’s gotta hurt. Maybe Brendon and Rachel will have sweet victory in the end?

Spoiler alert, Matt used his Diamond Power of Veto, to evict Kathy. Ragan wins the Saboteur competition and Britney was named the new HOH! What a GREAT show tonight!!  The lying, plotting, and scheming will start all over again this week, as they prepare for double eviction next week.

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.