Another episode of Bachelor Pad aired last night. Still on the fence whether or not I like this show. It’s interesting to see former Bachelor and Bachelorette cast mates, how they interact and what their personalities are really like. Women still crying over men and the guys still trying to hook up. It’s safe to say that Natalie Getz and Wes Hayden are probably the two biggest horn dogs on the show.

Last nights pie eating contest was kinda gross. I guess people will act crazy for $250k and would even throw their mom under the bus. The scene with Tenley crying and throwing up over the pie eating contest was funny. Tenley certainly is a girly girl. Kiptyn Locke almost got eliminated last night but thanks to Nikki, she decided to give Craig M the boot instead. That guy never gets any love.

Melissa Rycroft in her new People blog says she’s so impressed by how everyone is playing the game. Sadly, they have a hideous picture of Melissa on the page, not sure why People posted it but it doesn’t even look like her. To view the photo, click here. It’s really that bad.

Jonathan the Weatherman’s strategy was to choose women who have no romantic hook ups. Is that a strategy? No romance and no money? Wes  Hayden is trying to get his groove on with Gia Allemand. He tells Gia, ” I’m crazy about you, you’re funny, you’re smart, and I love you.” How much tequila did dear Wes Hayden have? Or is this scripted by ABC producers? Come on Wes, open your heart with Gia, just like you did with Jillian. Sorry Wes, Gia has a boyfriend, Chris Campoli, a NHL player with a very big hockey stick.

The major spoilers of the show have been posted at Reality Steve. Another blogger at Associated Content claims that Kiptyn wins it all. Not sure how she knows that since the final four have to come back to compete.

The girl Astrochicks digs the most is crazy Elizabeth Kitt. I think she’s on the wrong reality show. She needs to jump over to Scream Queens on VH1, she would make a great crazy girl in horror films. Still demanding that Jesse Kovacs love her. Sorry Elizabeth, girl he’s just not that into you. Especially when you’re in the house with a bunch of hot chicks, twister and pie eating contest. How’s a guy suppose to concentrate?

On Elizabeth’s Facebook Fan page, she hasn’t gotten much love, so be sure and follow her. She mentions on her Facebook page she wasn’t happy how she was portrayed on Jake’s season. I’m sure she’s not going to like how she looks on Bachelor Pad as well. Also, here’s a list of other Bachelor Pad members Facebook and Twitter pages here.

The jury is still out whether or not Bachelor Pad will be a hit, it’s still fun to see what the house guests are really like in real life. Can you believe that Chris Harrison suggested they could choose the next Bachelor or Bachelorette from this group? I hope not. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova

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