Jesse James sure has moved on fast. I wonder what Sandra Bullock thinks about his new love interest? According to sources in Las Vegas, Jesse James and Kat Von D were spotted in Sin City together over the weekend. Does Jesse James have  a new girlfriend or is he just dating the tattoo reality star?

Jesse James and Kat Von D dined at Palm’s Casino restaurant and looked very cozy. Afterward, they left holding hands together. I thought Kat Von D was madly in love with Nikki Sixx? I thought Jesse James moved to Austin to be closer to his lady, Sandra Bullock? It figures Jesse James would hook up with a MUCH younger tattoo chick. Will it last?

Tabloids have reported that Sandra Bullock has a new man in her life. They say Bullock has grown very close to her hunky bodyguard. Does Bullock have a new boyfriend? Our Leo girl definitely deserves love and it appears that Jesse James isn’t that heartbroken after all. The only problem is Kat Von D lives in Los Angeles, will Jesse James have a bi-coastal relationship with his new lady love? Or will Kat Von D go running back to Nikki Sixx?

On Kat Von D’s MySpace page, it says she’s still in a relationship with Nikki Sixx. A Pisces girl, is she trying to get revenge on Nikki Sixx or maybe a tattoo love triangle with Jesse James an Aries. Stay tuned! I’m sure there will be lots of gossip about this.

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Jacy Nova

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