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  1. It was an article. What we do know is she’s not pregnant, not engaged, no boyfriend, and is focused on her career. The other interview said she wants to focus on her career right now and not ready for a baby. She’s not getting any younger. Her new BFF Chelsea Handler said she doesn’t want kids and plenty of other celebs.:)

  2. @Jacey From a article? I never believe them because they twist words or make stuff up.

    A few days ago jen gave a interview on camera and there she said that she still wants kids just like she said a couple of years ago.

  3. I agree that there are dead beat mom’s but in my own personal experience I know more dead beat dad’s. I know countless women who’s baby daddy’s do not participate in their child’s life. No support, no phone calls, zero. It’s a sad situation for everyone involved.

  4. Believe me, as a kindergarten teacher for 20 years…there are just as many dead beat mom’s as dad’s…and what is sadder is that the mom’s still have custody of the children and ignore them, neglect them in every possible way…you don’t have to be a man to hold that title…it takes more than money to raise a child….some of the best parents I knew were divorced dad’s….they took much more time with the children…were more patient and concerned about their progress in school…many of the mom’s never took part in any of the child’s activities, too busy going to the gym or to lunches and shopping…it definitely goes both ways…that was truly a sexist remark…..

  5. No Jacey, there are no conflicting interviews. Please tell us what interview she said she didn’t want kids. I’ve looked at them all and haven’t found that. The interview which other media seem to have not listened properly is the ET interview and in it she said that the donor thing wasn’t for her. Towards the end of the interview she said she has always wanted kids and still wants them.

  6. There are conflicting interviews. One interview said she didn’t want kids and another said she did. Maybe she’s toying with the media since it’s such a hot topic.

  7. She has said that she still wants to have kids, she never said that she didn’t want kids. Look at her interview. She said something like “I have said it years back and i am saying it now that i still want kids”

    Your info is incorrect.

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