The Big Brother 12 house is imploding and Pandora’s Box has been ripped wide open. After being locked up together for over 40 days, the house guests are starting to show some wear and tear. After Rachel was evicted on Thursday, they have turned their drama and hate on each other. No one is safe, Britney has become a big instigator as the alpha female in the house. Brendon who is officially new HOH, will he seek revenge on the other house guests who hurt his girflfriend Rachel?  Will Rachel return? Who will Brendon pick during the nomination ceremony for eviction? Warned major Big Brother 12 spoiler alerts to follow.

What’s hilarious, no one in the Big Brother 12 house has figured out yet that Ragan is the Saboteur. He definitely is the most under estimated player in the house. Although, the last week Ragan has dialed up the drama and become rather bitchy. That could be his down fall. He got this far in the Big Brother 12 game by being nice. He appears to have an alliance with Britney and Matt but he may be flying solo soon. Or as Ragan the Saboteur likes to say, I’m not a floater.

Brendon has to decide who to nominate for the eviction ceremony. Britney trying to be a clever Virgo girl is trying to split up the Brigade and it’s working. She tells Lane that Matt is trying to throw him under the bus to Brendon. He’s not too happy. They both think Matt is shady and don’t believe him about Pandora’s Box.  Will Brendon put up Britney and Matt for eviction? Or instead Britney and Ragan the Saboteur? Spoiler alert: Brendon chooses to put up Ragan the Saboteur and Lane. Weird choice. For sure, I thought Brendon would want to get rid of Britney. Brendan as HOH, has turned the Big Brother 12 house upside down with his choices and has successfully thrown a wrench into the Brigade alliance. The Big Brother 12 game play is getting good. The only way for Lane or Ragan the Saboteur to save their butts is to win POV. If they do, who will Brendon put up as their replacement?

In a wild twist of fate, Big Brother 12 lets Rachel return for 24 hours to find some answers. Rachel a Libra, gets into a cat fight with Ragan! Ragan is yelling at her, he didn’t like her grand entrance after being evicted saying, “I’m back b*tches!” They get into a huge argument but end up working it out in the end. In a tender moment, they both agree they are similar in personalities and crave attention. Hilarious!

Like a Hurricane, Rachel’s 24 hour visit has already done some significant damage. Rachel’s next target is Britney. She’s upset that Britney left such a bitchy goodbye message and tries to seek a little sweet revenge. Rachel tells Enzo that Britney is saying he’s the Saboteur. Really? Fun loving Enzo?

Will Rachel get to speak to her man Brendon before the replacement nominations? His girl can provide him some crucial information in making his decision. Will Lane or Ragan the Saboteur win POV? If so, will Brendon put up Matt or Britney as the replacement nomination?

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.