Cape Cod cutie and former Bachelorette star, Chris Lambton may be getting back into the dating game. This last weekend, he attended his brother’s Bachelor party and they had an outdoors boys weekend, rafting in Maine. His bro is getting married this fall and they decided to have some old fashioned fun, no strip clubs for these guys.

According to the Inside Track, the girls in Maine went CRAZY over Chris Lambton, hoping they might score a date with the potential new ABC Bachelor. Lambton was seen with 20 other guys at Three Rivers Whitewater Rafting camp along the Kennebec River.

“Yup, it was him all right,” Three Rivers owner Joe Christopher told the Track. “He was here for a bachelor party – swear to God.”

The Bachelor party took two cabins at the “Home of Serious Fun” in The Forks, Chris Lambton partied at Boatman’s Bar and Grill, plus happily posed for pictures with Bachelorette fans and would be date mates. 

“It was crazy at the Boatman’s, there was a big party, dancing, The Mob was playing on Saturday night, and Chris’ buddies were certainly catching the perks,” laughed Christopher. “He had a lot of wingmen.”

One gal named Kristen, we hear, may have made a love connection with Lambton. But one of her BFFs reports Kristen hasn’t yet been invited down to Dennis. Oh no, if Chris Lambton gets a girlfriend, I guess that means he definitely won’t be the new Bachelor this season. Go away Kristen, or send in a video to Bachelor casting. 🙂

The message boards over at ABC have been blowing up, asking Mike Fleiss to choose Chris Lambton as their next Bachelor. One rumor is he was offered over $500k to take the gig. Sounds like a lot of money, Astrochicks wonders if he really was offered that much? If so, I hope he definitely takes it. We want Chris Lambton the sexy Aries guy to find love, but we also want front row seats to all the action.

The new Bachelor announcement is expected to be made in September. Stay tuned. If you want to keep up with Chris, you can follow him on Twitter here.

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Jacy Nova

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