Now that the Bachelorette season is over, the former castmates are trying to extend their 15 minutes of fame. In January 2011, fans can join some of reality TV’s hottest guys on a 3 night cruise to the Bahamas. Guests include: Ty Brown, Kasey Kahl, Jesse Kovacs, David Good, Robby Descant, Juan Barbieri, Natalie Getz and EVEN Justin Rego.

Today, Astrochicks received some juicy gossip on the back story of the cruise and the agent that produces it. Also, how Justin Rego REALLY got his ET Canada gig and his weekly dish on Bachelor Pad.

The travel host of the Reality TV cruise, Julie Muir, has decided to pull double duty as Justin Rego’s publicist.  When Muir was putting together the original cruise, she reached out to Bachelor Pad star, Jessie Sulidis, via Facebook to be one of the guests on the cruise. Jessie S. would be paid $1500 for her talent appearance and in exchange she would help Muir get ET Canada coverage. During Bachelorette season, Jessie S. was the weekly host providing commentary. Muir said if Jessie accepted the gig, she would be the on air talent for entertainment coverage of the cruise.  Anyway, thanks to Justin Rego’s publicist,  not no more.

Now that Muir is representing Justin Rego, she kicked Jessie Sulidis to the curb and replaced her with Natalie Getz to appear on the cruise.  She also told Jessie that she wasn’t allowed on the ship. What is Julie Muir Queen of the High Seas?  It sounds like Justin Rego was getting sweet revenge on Jessie over the Bachelorette fiasco. Also, somehow Muir was able to get Justin Rego to replace Jessie Sulidis to cover the Bachelor Pad season for ET Canada. According to my sources, she told ET Canada they couldn’t get coverage on the cruise unless Jessie S. was replaced and Muir would take the footage to a competitor.

I agree Justin Rego got a bum deal, although I think it’s weird that his publicist blackmailed ET Canada to replace Jessie S.  After all, Jessie S. is on a major reality show, the Bachelor Pad,  in the US. Isn’t it better to have Jessie S. versus Justin Rego? Also, according to my source this person was posting nasty messages on her Facebook page. Girls, can’t we all just get along?

Anyway, I thought I would share a little behind the scenes gossip. Reality TV I guess has become a ruthless business, especially if you’re in Canada. Watch your back kids!

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Jacy Nova

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