The Big Brother 12 drama  this weekend has been off the hook. Brendon and Rachel are on “eviction notice”, after Matt was crowned the winner of the Endurance Competition. This week, Matt is HOH and his Leo pride is shining through. He opened Pandora’s Box and Ragan was voted the new Saboteur!

Libra Queen Rachel and her sappy sensitive Cancer boyfriend Brendon, were swimming deep in their Big Brother drama of love.  Brendon felt that he let his Queen down by not winning HOH.  He was really kind of pathetic with his many statements like, “are you mad at me… I feel like I’ve let you down…  No matter what I’ve fallen in love with you so deeply…”  I have to say, they are no Jeff and Jordan! Yes, Rachel and Brendon, Big Brother 12’s own Romeo and Juliet.

Friday, Big Brother 12’s Pandora’s Box was unleashed and Matt accepted the deal.  Live Feed viewers really didn’t reveal what he accepted or didn’t accept, we will have to watch the show tonight to find out. Practical Capricorn Enzo was so upset, the poor baby couldn’t even complete a sentence without saying no no no.   One thing that was clear, the house guests have NO CLUE the new saboteur is Ragan.  They assume it’s Rachel or Brendon.  It will be fun to watch what tasks Big Brother 12 will have Ragan complete…

On Friday, Ragan and Rachel had a major cat fight, the Brigade must have loved that.  Rachel made an assumption that Ragan and Matt were in a Big Brother alliance and Ragan went in for the kill.  Necks were moving side to side and stare downs were intense!  But the winner, of the Big Brother 12 cat fight championship goes to Ragan the saboteur!  Last but not least, SPOILER ALERT… Matt nominated Rachel and Brendon for eviction this week.  And to top off Friday’s festivities, Diva Rachel had one more tear filled moment, the Big Brother 12 house guests are sick of her and aren’t buying it. Astrochicks thinks Rachel will definitely be evicted. Bye bye Rachel!

Saturday was tense.  The Big Brother 12 house guests played for the POV and SPOILER ALERT… Britney won!  Jeff and Jordon were also a part of the POV games which was very exciting for everyone.  Also, from what was said on the Live Feeds, Kathy beat Rachel in the game and was outwardly excited.  Rachel was very hurt by her actions and asked Kathy to apologize.  Stubborn Taurus Kathy refused!  Rachel was livid that Kathy wouldn’t apologize, what’s a matter Rachel, you can dish it out but can’t take it?

Tune in tonight to watch the see the winner of HOH, Pandora’s Box, message from the Saboteur and the Nomination Ceremony.  And follow me on twitter ( as I tweet live during the show!

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.