The new series Bachelor Pad airs on August 9th, will it be lust or love for former castmates of the Bachelor and Bachelorette? Based on who Mike Fleiss chose this season, it’s pretty clear that the love of fame and money will be the driving factor. Even for Disney girl, Tenley Molzahn and her man Kiptyn Locke, who may have found lust but are rumored to make it to the final four, one of them will win the money.

Bachelor Pad, has a few “don’t mess with Texas” house guests including: Peyton Wright from Dallas, the cheerleader apparel saleswoman from season 10; Wes Hayden from Austin, country crooner who broke Jillian’s heart and definitely wants fame,  Jonathan Novack from Houston, the weatherman from season 6 who I don’t think Bachelorette Ali was ever remotely interested in. I think it’s safe to say Jonathan Novack wants the fame and money as well. Add Chris Harrison and Melissa Rycroft as guest hosts, from Texas of course and a surprise appearance from Jake Pavelka who is from Texas as well. Gee, these guys stick together.  I wonder what Reality Steve, who is lives in Dallas has to say about this? I guess it makes it easier to get spoilers when your buddies are local.

Good old Chris Harrison promises “healthy sexual tension” as well as “betrayal, backstabbing and cheating,” and the show wastes no time in delivering. All the Bachelor Pad guests, share the same bunk-bed-room in a hot and sexy slumber party.  As soon as the lights go out,  fans hear smacking and slurping sounds, followed by a morning of rumors about who “hooked up” the night before. Spoiler Alert: Tenley and Kiptyn hook up, Wes and Gia have a flirtation, and several others.

Will the new lust over love Bachelor Pad be a hit with fans? Are they trying to copy Big Brother 12 with a twist of the Bachelor mixed in?  The guys vote off the girls, and vice versa. Each week  there’s a competition with the winner receiving a rose, kinda like POV on Big Brother 12,  keeping him or her safe from elimination. The winner also gets to go on a “romantic date,” choosing (at least this first week) three escorts and then, at the end of the date, one winner who is also protected.  Translation, you’re safe if the girls/guys think you’re hot. If they don’t like you, well you’re evicted. Bye bye Jonathan the Weatherman.

If it’s true that Tenley and Kiptyn make it to the final four, I’m hoping Tenley will win. If you want to read more highlights of the show, click here. Enjoy. Astrochicks will definitely be watching.

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.