The new season of The Rachel Zoe Project is bananas. Zoe and her husband Rodger dish the dirt on former assistant, Taylor Jacobson. Not only do they throw Taylor under the bus, they run over her clocking 120 miles an hour. They accuse her of stealing samples from the company along with fudging her expense reports. Yikes, did they talk to their lawyer before they taped the show? Tell us more dear Rachel, Miss Perfect Virgo chick.

After Taylor Jacobson was abruptly fired, Brad Goreski was named Style Director of Rachel Zoe’s company. In a new interview, Taylor Jacobson, is fighting back.  She tells TV Guide: “I’m still styling. I do various jobs, campaigns, editorials, commercials, promos for TV shows. I’m kind of trying out all different fields. Still doing the whole celebrity thing: press junkets, premieres, red carpet, film festivals, personal shopping. I’m also consulting on a denim line for Kasil called Kasil+Taylor Jacobson.”

What did Taylor have to say about all the nasty comments Rachel Zoe and hubby Rodger said about her? Taylor says, “Uh-huh. I’ve heard a lot about it. … For legal reasons, I’m not really allowed to discuss it, which makes it hard for me to give “the juice.” But what I heard about the first episode is pretty amazing. I heard there is ripping out of pictures and throwing them into the fireplace. You know, you’ve got to sever ties to a toxic environment and go forward. I’m trying to stay positive. There’s obviously horrible s— being said about me in the media. It’s no secret that certain people who shall not be named are trying to blacklist me and get me kicked off jobs and talk s— to some of my clients.

In the interview, Taylor Jacobson says she’s moved on and upward. Now she has her own assistant and few interns. She’s said no to reality TV offers and hopes to be a costume designer one day. A girl can dream.

For Rachel Zoe, her career continues to be on fire. Zoe’s current client list includes Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, Debra Messing, Demi Moore, Eva Mendes, Anne Hathaway, and Kate Beckinsale. Astrologically, the last two years have been difficult for Rachel. Taylor Jacobson’s betrayal felt like a death in the family probably to her. As they say, when one door closes another opens. For Rachel Zoe and hubby Rodger, the next journey Astrochicks predicts is mom and dad.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.