Bachelorette Chris Lambton in a new interview, discusses his feelings about Ali Fedotowsky picking Roberto Martinez, the love and support from fans, finding love after Ali, plus his Bachelor scoop!

Fans first fell in love with down to earth Chris Lambton, the landscaper from Cape Cod with a heart of gold, during Bachelorette Ali’s season. Although he made it to the final two, he didn’t make it to the final rose ceremony. Bachelorette Ali chose Roberto Martinez as her Prince Charming. In Chris Lambton’s new interview, he says he was thankful Ali let him go before the final fantasy date. It saved him a tremendous amount of heartache and still saved the special moment of proposal for the lucky girl he will one day marry.

He says, “I was blown away by how gracious she was doing that. If I had waited that whole night, got in my suit, picked out a ring and gone through all of that and gotten rejected the next day when she had her mind made up already … I think that shows what an amazing person Ali really is. I told her that right after she broke up with me. I said,  Thank you for doing it today, not having us go on a date. If I had gone on a date with her I would have fallen more in love with her.”

How does Chris Lambton feel about his die hard Bachelorette fans? He says, I think it’s extremely sweet that people have connected with me. I get letters in the mail. I call some of the people back, I write some of the people back. People are blown away when I actually call them and say, “Hey, this is Chris. Thank you very much for the letter.” They go, “Oh my God, is it really you?” I love it!

What about the Bachelor? Will Chris Lambton accept ABC’s offer to become their new dream guy every girl wants to marry? He says he will have to think long and hard about it. Putting yourself out on reality TV makes a person really vulnerable.

Chris Lambton’s Bachelore and  Bachelorette advice to girls looking for love? He says, I just hope people realize there are really good guys out there. Don’t settle. Family comes first. Whether they’re married or looking to get married, always put family first.

Chris Lambton the sexy Aries Bachelor, is definitely the real deal. ABC has to make him the next Bachelor, Astrochicks absolutely loves this guy. You can read the rest of the post Bachelorette interview here. Enjoy.

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