Last night, Lindsay Lohan was released from Lynnwood jail and swept off to rehab.  The original rehab of choice, Morningwood in Newport Beach, was ditched by the court, because of the paparazzi frenzy.  Instead, the judge decided to allow Lohan to receive treatment at the UCLA Medical Center, much closer to home, friends, and family.

Dina Lohan, released a statement today about Lindsay’s jail release, mental condition, and her future. She says, “I was finally able to hug my daughter [last night] after two long weeks of speaking to her from behind a glass wall,” Dina said. “Lindsay is doing well, and is appreciative of the hundreds of well-wishes she has received.” Dina also confirmed that she was confident that UCLA Medical Center would get Lindsay the treatment she needs.

Lindsay Lohan will be required to attend the UCLA rehab facility for a period of 90 days, no early release, etc. Yesterday, TMZ said that Lindsay would be receiving treatment for meth addiction and a bi-polar disorder. Lohan’s attorney denies Lindsay has a meth addiction but will receive treatment for alcohol and some other substance abuse problem.

Astrochicks wishes Lindsay Lohan the best. Hopefully rehab will help her become clean and sober, so she can get back to be an amazing actress again.

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Jacy Nova

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