Former Bachelor Jake Pavelka has been keeping a low profile after his nasty split with Vienna Girardi. In August, he will make a guest appearance on ABC’s Bachelor Pad and also he will guest star in a episode of Drop Dead Diva. During his downtime, what has Jake Pavelka been up to?

According to his Twitter posts, he has been training for a marathon and by the tweets of things, he’s trying to start a bromance with Chad Ochocinco.

In his most recent Twitter, he retweeted the following comment from the Ultimate Catch:  “RT @OGOchoCinco: “Haters are just confused admirers with no other way of expressing themselves, imagine if haters focused that negative energy on themselves!” I think Jake Pavelka is delusional if he’s comparing himself to the NFL star. Yes Jake, fans who hate you, actually love you and just don’t know it.

Chad Ochocinco, who has his own dating show on VH1, has 16 girls competing for his love. Rumor is he’s not dating the winner of the show but is actually romantically involved with Basketball Wives star, Evelyn Lozada, who goes by the Twitter name of FirstLadyEve. They have been tweeting up a storm and some sources say it’s love.

Jake Pavelka and Chad Ochocinco have one thing in common, they are both Bachelors looking for love in all the wrong places. Although Ultimate Catch is much funnier.

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