Eviction number three for Big Brother 12 tonight. There has been a lot of emotional twists and turns in the house this week. To begin with, Cancer Andrew was suppose to be a done deal to stay and not be evicted but his terrible acting job during the POV ceremony sealed his fate to leave the Big Brother 12 house tonight. Andrew should have never trusted Matt to begin with, he’s two faced and sooner or later his brigade will be broken. Matt a Leo, is definitely not very likable and his ego is the size of Texas.

Determined Taurus Kathy has upped her game play and is talking non-stop to anyone who will listen. Her downfall is that she is using her personal weaknesses to get sympathy and I think that is going to bite her in the butt and fellow Taurus house guest Regan has basically told her that as well. The Hollywood Insider did an interview with Executive Producer, Allison Grodner of Big Brother and she let out a couple of twists. One, the house guests that are evicted are not going home but are being sequestered and two, Jeff, from last season, will be coming to spend the night in the house in the next couple of weeks. She also said that they will eventually explain the life long relationship twist but she thinks it’s been fun because it’s something for the house guests to try and figure out.

The HOH competition is tonight and everyone is hoping to win the coveted position! No one wants Branchel to win. Hayden should have evicted Rachel while he had the chance, now they are the two to beat. Everyone in the house is sick of their showmance. Astrochicks pick for HOH would be Capricorn Enzo. He has had a rough time being a Have Not. Enzo has even been penalized for sneaking food. He is so funny, without even trying. Enzo has also come up with his own Mafia Don HOH rules and regulations. It could be an entertaining week if he wins.

Britney and Regan really don’t want to win HOH this week, but they don’t want to throw the Big Brother competition either. Otherwise they might regret it later on and find themselves nominated to be evicted.  If anyone needs to win HOH this week it would be Kathy.

Tune in tonight to see who gets evicted and who wins the HOH competition. Then the lying, plotting, and scheming will start all over again for the coming week! Follow me on twitter (http://www.twitter.com/pattykamson) as I tweet live during the show!

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.