Robert Pattinson is starting the week off with a bang. Not only has he inspired a new line of underwear, he had a small fender bender in Malibu. OMG! R-Patz in a car crash? It’s reported Pattinson hit a parked car. Maybe in a rush to get away from the paparazzi chasing him? In a rush to meet his trainer or stylist? Thankfully no one was hurt, it’s reported he hit a beat up old Kia.

In other fashion news, Marks and Spencer have come up with a new range of undergarments, inspired by Robert Pattinson. They are famously named as R-Pant, and this is exclusively for those guys who are rather skinny, and love to flaunt their undies peeking through their jeans.

The Guardian quoted Oli Arnold, the director of Men’s health magazine, as saying. Well, actually, just like many other Brit-guys, Pattinson also buys his undies from M&S. In fact they offered him to endorse their undergarment’s line, but Pattinson declined.

Well at least fans can finally get into Robert Pattinson’s pants literally. Such a cute Taurus boy. I wonder if Kristen Stewart will buy him a pair?

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Jacy Nova

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