The Bachelorette final rose ceremony is just around the corner, either Ali Fedotowsky is sneaking around to hook up with her man, or she’s single and ready to mingle. Sporting a new beach body, I’m sure if she didn’t pick Roberto Martinez or Chris Lambton, there’s some Hollywood dude waiting to ask her out.

Have you ever wondered what happens AFTER the Bachelor or Bachelorette season? How do the couple get to spend quality time together? Well one person who would know for sure is Jessie Csincsak. In new blog post, Jesse reveals for the first time what REALLY happens behind closed doors.

In a funny new blog post, here’s a quick overview of what Jesse Csincsak said. To read the entire scoop, click here.

First off, ALI, Wow you can’t even remember parts of your dates with guys ??? Hmmmm ( RED FLAG ).  I guess she was too busy counting all the cash she made from this season. Mike Fleiss wrapped Bachelorette Ali’s season last month. Which means she’s either in hiding with her man Roberto or Chris,  or she’s single. Of course, no one will know who she picks until August 2nd. Will she give out the final rose or will she decide to keep it for herself and save it for the AFTRC?

After the show wraps, the new Bachelor or Bachelorette couple has to coordinate their romantic getaways with one of the ABC producers. He or she will contact you to book a flight, to a secret location where ABC has rented a safe house for the couple to spend time together. The couple can’t fly together in case fans spot them, so they have to fly into separate airports and the ABC handler from the production company picks the couple up separately and drives them to their little love nest.  Yes, a beautiful and romantic weekend. Just you, your man, and a MIKE FLEISS handler. Nothing oozes sex like a threesome. (I wonder if the ABC handlers are Reality Steve’s source?)

Jesse Csincsak goes on to predict that Bachelorette Ali choose no one. Or is it the other way around? She sends Chris Lambton packing only to find out that Roberto Martinez in the end gets cold feet? If she is single, now she’s waiting for her agent to offer her the Dancing With the Stars contract and a $100k check just for signing.

Jesse goes on to speculate if the Justin Rego drama was a set up. Just way too much drama for it to be real. Chris Harrison was working overtime throwing Justin under the bus while fawning over poor Frank, the stand up guy, blah blah.

Also, he’s not buying Bachelorette Ali’s brokenhearted story complaining that Frank left so late in the game. Ali left Jake and it was over her job, not love.  She also said she thought she would spend the rest of her life with Frank. Yes, your dream guy who lives with his parents and works retail for $10 bucks an hour. Dreamy.

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