Valerie Bertinelli, former wife of Eddie Van Halen is getting married. The Jenny Craigs spokesperson and “Hot in Cleveland” star has decided to walk down the aisle one last time. She’s getting hitched to long time boyfriend Tom Vitale, a guy who has been with her literally through thick and thin.

What about the wedding? Will she have a big bash in Malibu or elope to Vegas? Valerie says, “For me, it feels silly. I’m 50. It’s not about the wedding. I just want to have a marriage,” says Bertinelli, who was engaged to her longtime boyfriend, businessman Tom Vitale, last March. “We’re going to get married in Italy, just the two of us and a witness.” What about her son Wolfie and the kids?

Bertinelli, a Taurus girl, has been on a career high ever since she lost 40 pounds on Jenny Craig. She has resurrected her career and she even wore a bikini on the cover of People magazine. Will this marriage finally be her happily ever after? We hope so.

Bertinelli, is a down to earth and loyal girl. She works hard and wants to dedicate herself to one man. For Tom Vitale, following a rockstar like Eddie Van Halen is a hard act to follow. Even though Valerie Bertinelli really loved her first husband, they struggled for 20 years due to his addictions.

Astrochicks thinks the second time around, even at the age of 50, love can be even sweeter. Valerie and Tom are older and wiser but still full of passion. Wishing her lifetime of happiness with her new hubby. Congrats!

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Jacy Nova

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