Lindsay Lohan, party girl and former movie star,  is adjusting well to prison life, according to jail sources at the Lynwood facility. Even though Lindsay’s in solitary confinement, the guards have allowed her special privileges that include two changes of clothing, daily showers and even family visits. The only special privilege Lindsay Lohan didn’t get was to keep her fake eyelashes and extensions. What?

When Lynwood prison staff told how Lohan – inmate 24097527 – they had to go, she began crying hysterically.  A source added: “She just sat there with tears streaming down her face and couldn’t even bring herself to take them out herself. It was a sorry sight.”

Yesterday, her mom Dina Lohan and sister Ali went to visit her for a couple of hours. Today, her ex girlfriend Samantha Ronson paid a visit as well. What about Daddy Dearest, Michael Lohan? Well, he has a few legal problems of his own. His former fiance, Kate, filed a domestic violence charges against him and as of today he has a restraining order against him. Nice work Dad.

Although Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days, due to overcrowding of the Lynwood jail, Lindsay is expected to break free on August 3rd, after only serving two weeks. Afterward, Lindsay Lohan will be hustled off to a court approved rehab facility where she will complete a 90 day treatment program. I wonder if she will get to have her hair extensions put back in. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova

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