On August 2nd, fans will find out if Bachelorette Ali chooses Chris Lambton or Roberto Martinez to be her man. Some fans speculate that after Frank Neuschaefer broke her heart, Ali will decide to go solo. In several episodes, Bachelorette Ali has expressed her insecurity over choosing a man who won’t love her back. Naturally, she chose Frank who had a girlfriend named Nicole back home and even admitted in a recent interview, he would have made it to the final two. Women always love the indecisive ones.

This season, Mike Fleiss has really put Ali Fedotowsky through the ringer. In the beginning, fans didn’t initially warm up to Bachelorette Ali but after a few weeks, when we were able to witness real connections, we grew to love Bachelorette Ali. Underneath those hair extensions is a pretty cool chick, a smart and obsessive Virgo girl.

The biggest show shocker this season was how many guys had girlfriends on the show, hello casting did you actually do any checking on Justin and Frank? Bachelorette Ali and fans were angry with Justin for coming on the show with a girlfriend, but what about Frank? Everyone keeps saying how mature Frank Neuschaefer was to come to Tahiti to break Ali’s heart in person.  Was he really mature or just selfish? Frank’s behavior was much worse than Justin’s.

In a new interview, Bachelorette Ali states she thinks Frank came on the show with a girlfriend and to pursue a career. That he probably didn’t expect Ali to have feelings for him and that it was selfish of him to stay on the show for so long. In the interview, you can tell she still has feelings for him. Frank a aspiring screenwriter, came on the show “looking for love.” Really? Ali’s feelings for Frank were real, his tears on the other hand seemed more like guilt versus love. Also, his “ex girlfriend” Nicole seemed way too calm when he arrived on her doorstep with cameras in tow. She took him back immediately after he kept gushing about Bachelorette Ali. No screaming, no tears, no nothing? Just a statement, “I miss your kisses, come home.” Aren’t really young girls great?

On August 2nd, Bachelorette Ali will have to face Frank one last time, the man who broke her heart and embarrassed her on national TV, thanks Mike Fleiss. Also, Bachelorette Ali will have to face Chris Lambton and Roberto Martinez as well. Did she break their hearts to?  What will Frank Neuschaefer say during the AFTRC interview? Will Frank and Nicole announce their engagement on the show? Will they rub it in Bachelorette Ali’s face just a little bit more. If sources are true, Frank will have a big announcement about Nicole.

This Bachelorette season may have started off slow, but in the end I think ABC did a pretty good job. Ali’s a lucky girl to have Chris Lambton and Roberto Martinez as her final two. Hopefully she picks Roberto, Astrochicks would love to see Chris Lambton as the next Bachelor. Stay tuned.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.