Chad Ochocinco, the NFL football star, is he the Ultimate Catch? Does it really matter if you win or lose, is it really about how you play the game? Or is it both? In his new reality dating show, Chad Ochocinco is under fire for his lack of “hot chocolate” women in his final 16. Chad understanding the importance of image, has released his thoughts on women.

He says, “Imagine if I bought a bag of skittles and only ate the green ones. That would be a waste of a bag of skittles. I’m gonna eat ‘em all. Romance doesn’t fit in a box, and neither does my Johnson. Ok, all kidding aside, my new reality show is about having fun, meeting women and hopefully finding that ultimate catch, whatever race, creed or color she might be. I am the man who I am today because of black women, and I am forever grateful for the values and strength they instilled in me…”

“Look….if my mama and my grandmama, the two women who raised me, ain’t got a problem with the women I choose in life, no matter what race they are, then it shouldn’t be a problem to anyone. Bottom line is that I love black women. I got four beautiful children and their mother is black. However, I’m still single, ready to mingle and a Cincinnati Bengal…so if you see me on the street, please feel to slip me your business card or your number, whether your green, purple, blue or how I like ‘em, pink on the inside. That covers all y’all…right?So, I hope we’re good. Either you fly with me or get flown over. Love and let live.”

It’s reported that Chad Ochocinco a Capricorn, may have found a good time on “The Ultimate Catch” but she definitely didn’t capture his heart. Sources say he’s dating Evelyn Lozado, star of Basketball Wives. If what they post on Twitter means anything, I would say they are definitely at least hooking up.

Chad Ochocinco recently tweeted the following photo of Evelyn and him hanging out, he said I’ve never met a #firstlady until this #eve ning.” They make a fine couple, if Evelyn Lozada snagged Chad, I would hang on to him. Astrochicks thinks he’s  hot hot hot.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.