Some people are so inhumane and cruel. On June 23, City Animal Control received a call about a dog at a residence in the city of Florence…they found a dead dog…in a small transport crate…in the hot sun…no water…over 100 degrees…the dog had been there for two days…someone had asked if they could move the dog to the shade…the owner refused.

Can you even imagine how that dog suffered…to die in the hot sun…slowly…painfully…with no shade…with no water to help quench the terrible thirst. Law enforcement was called…a warrant was signed…there will be a case before the judge July 23. Our hearts should be broken over this…mine is.

We need to be outraged…we need to demand justice…we need to cry out for compassion…we need to make sure that no animal is allowed to suffer like this…We need to SPEAK FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT…join me in this fight….spread the word about this dog…and the case that is coming against the owner. Just a dog…they say…a precious life…I say.

Animal lovers, please reach out to local city officials so the owner of this dog is charged for cruelty. If you don’t want the dog, don’t keep in a cage, give him to someone who can care about him.

Please take a moment to help the charity organization, Dogs Deserve Better, and provide your support.

Mayor: Stephen Wukela

Chief of Police: Anson Shells

843 665-3191, 843 665-3191

Major Carlos Raines: Criminal Investigations Div:
843-665-3191, 843-665-3191

Judge: Debbie Jackson

843-665-3148 843-665-3148

More information on the Police Department, City of Florence
can be found at

Address for the above names:
City of Florence
City-County Complex AA
180 North Irby Street
Florence, SC 29501-3456

Letters to the editor of the Morning News here in Florence would also be good! (go to

Thanks for your willingness to get involved!

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.