Tonight on Big Brother 12, HOH Rachel, gets to pick who goes on the chopping block.  Fans thought for sure that she would return the favor by putting Hayden in the hot seat, instead in a show shocker the two chosen for elimination. In a very interesting strategy, Rachel chose to put Britney and Monet in the hot seat.  Britney bawled like a baby when she found out and Monet was silent.

At this point the Big Brother 12 house guests are comfortable with each other, as they strategize every second they get. What else is there to do? Plus, $500k is a lot of cash.  If you been following the Big Brother 12 live feed, it’s now clear who’s aligning with whom.  The Brigade alliance, which includes silly Capricorn Enzo, playful Leo Matt, strong Scorpio Lane and fidgety Gemini Hayden are in full effect.  Romance has bloomed between showmance alliance with emotional Cancer Brendon and calculating Scorpio Rachel. The secret alliance between Hayden and Kristen has blossomed into a showmance as well.  Another solid alliance is former beauty queen Virgo Britney and serious Capricorn Monet.  The floaters seem to be practical Taurus Kathy, tactical Taurus Ragan and moody Cancer Andrew, though they would NEVER consider themselves as such! Sometimes flying solo can be the best strategy of all.

The house guests had the food competition as well as the POV competition this weekend.   The winner of the POV was SPOILER ALERT… Britney!  Also, America voted fish sticks for the losers of the food comp.  The house guests on fish sticks and the Have Not room this week are Brendon, Britney, Enzo, and Monet.   Enzo is feasting on ketchup to make sure he doesn’t gain weight and the rest are taking it in stride.

Looks like Rachel will put up a replacement for Britney on Monday.  She’s really considering Andrew or Matt as a replacement nom to make sure Monet goes home.  Rachel doesn’t trust Matt volunteering to be a pawn and feels that putting him up will bite her in the butt and her Scorpio intuition is right on target.  Leo Matt is with the secret Brigade and has his own agenda.

Watch Big Brother 12 tonight to see the POV competition and the Diary Room commentary. On Wednesday, Rachel will reveal who she will put up as a replacement, will it be Matt or Andrew?  On Thursday, the live Big Brother 12 show will nominate the next HOH. Stay tuned for a whole new week of lying, plotting, scheming and throwing people under that proverbial bus!

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.