Fans of Big Brother 12 are getting ready for the big reveal tonight. Who is the Saboteur and will Annie or Rachel be kicked to the curb. Hayden Moss HOH, has posted his first blog and gives viewers the insider scoop on what’s going on in the house guest minds.

Hayden reveals in the beginning, everyone was convinced that Andrew was the Saboteur. Andrew born under the zodiac sign of Cancer might be a little too obvious. Hayden a Gemini says, “Now, opinions are starting to change. A few of us, including myself are thinking that Andrew is way too obvious of a choice. At this point we all know to expect the unexpected, and because all signs point to Andrew that might be an indication that he is not the Saboteur. My instincts have told me it might be Annie, and thats part of the reason why she is on the block, but its impossible to be certain.

Hayden’s worried about the life long friend situation, that definitely throws a monkey wrench into Big Brother 12. Of course money is the root of all evil and could end that bond as well. Hayden says, “The life long friend situation has created an uneasy feeling in the house!!! Just as I started to feel comfortable around the Brigade (my alliance) this twist was thrown at us. I feel like a life long friendship is bond that not even Big Brother can break. In this house trusting somebody could be the key to $500,000, and the life long friends have a huge advantage. I cant trust anybody. I feel like its me against the house, and i don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way.”

Hayden appears to have bonded with Enzo, along with everyone else. Nothing like comic relief to loosen up a crowd. Astrochicks thinks that will be an advantage for the Capricorn. Enzo is smart and funny. Very lethal. Hayden says, “I will say, we have some real characters in the house. Each house guest has something unique about them, and thats why we are all here. Enzo might be the funniest dude on the planet, and its impossible to understand what is going on inside his head! Even though he is part of the Brigade, that alone makes him dangerous.”

Hayden say’s he gets the worst vibes from Brittany, who’s a Virgo. Both would naturally clash because Hayden is a Gemini. Virgo’s like to be right and Gemini’s talk too much. They spend way too much time analyzing the other house guests.

His secret alliance Kristen, has captured the attention of Hayden and he finds her mysterious. He’s not sure if he can trust her but of course he can’t help himself. Kristen a Capricorn is all business and it may be a strategy to get Hayden wrapped around her little finger.

Overall Hayden is excited to be a part of Big Brother 12. He loves and misses his family and thanks Mom for the goodies. Tonight, will Rachel or Annie be going home. If the house guests are smart they will send Rachel, they need to break the emotional bond she has with Brendon. Stay tuned.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.