Big Brother 12 is the best season yet. Brendon crying crocodile tears over his beloved Rachel. Is he playing Rachel or does he have real feelings for her? Brendon born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, definitely has an emotional and sensitive side.  Also, being locked up in a house 24/7 could send anyone over the edge.

Annie is paranoid and thinks no one likes her. Of course if you’re on the chopping block, that definitely would make anyone feel insecure. Annie born under the sign of Aquarius, prides herself on being the “smart” one.  It’s hard for her to emotionally connect with others and it seems like the other house guests don’t care if she’s there or not.

Hayden a Gemini, who knows he’s a hottie, has the gift of gab and knows how to charm others. Has he formed an alliance with Enzo? Enzo a Capricorn is all business and wants to get his hot little hands on that $500k. Fans should expect the unexpected with Hayden and Enzo. Hayden with Moon in Scorpio definitely has a manipulative side. If you get on the wrong side of Hayden, he may forgive but he will never forget.  If Hayden continues to stay in the house, Astrochicks expects to see his dark side in the next two weeks. Brendon needs to watch his back.

Hayden Moss the ultimate surfer dude,  likes to Hang Loose. He says, “I like to have fun and just do my thing no matter what people think of me.”  When asked why he wanted to do Big Brother 12 he said, “It’s the event of a lifetime. I really thought it’d be a great time and I’m most excited about the chance to win a half a million bucks.” Yes Hayden, you and the rest of the house.

In his Big Brother 12 interview, Hayden stated that he is “not looking forward to being trapped in the BB house with people who are rude and people who don’t pick up after themselves.” He shared that he’s going to miss his “life” and watching sports on television. Originally from Arizona and a college student, he plays baseball for the University team.

Does Hayden Moss have what it takes to win BB12 ? Or will Hayden’s strategy to be “charming and friends with everyone” wear on the other house guests nerves? Sometimes you can be too nice, or come across as fake.

Astrochicks predicts there will definitely be some twists and I think  Hayden may have a secret alliance waiting to be revealed. He might make it to the final four but we predict he won’t win. Stay tuned.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.