Tonight is the Big Brother 12 POV competition and ceremony! What drama will unfold tonight and who will be revealed as the Big Brother 12 saboteur on Thursday night? Fans know the Saboteur isn’t Rachel or Annie, could the Saboteur be Britney or Kristen?

SPOILER ALERT:  Brendon won POV and used it on himself.  Hayden a clever Gemini, then put Annie up as a replacement nominee.  The manipulating Scorpio in Rachel vs. the rebellious Aquarian in Annie have been wreaking havoc in the house the past couple of days. If the house guests are smart, they will get rid of Rachel and break the romantic bond with Brendon. Brendon already revealed in previous interviews, his main strategy was to charm the women. Ironically, Rachel admitted to the same strategy to seduce the men, could this be her downfall?

Annie had a meltdown Monday night and she went to the DR to walk her off the plank.  She also had a long uncomfortable conversation with Brendon yesterday trying to make him feel guilty for wanting to side with Rachel instead of her.  Really Annie? You know men think with their little heads and not their big ones. Narcissistic Annie feels that Brendon hit on her first and after she rejected him, Rachel was his sloppy seconds. Rachel the Scorpio, the resident Black Widow, trapped Brendon in her web of deceit and encouraged Brendon’s affections. Who’s really fooling who?

Other alliances in the house are Hayden and Kristen.  Hayden a Gemini,  is super smart and by joining forces with Kristen, a business minded Capricorn could prove to be an excellent strategy.  They think that no one will guess this alliance but Brendon and Rachel are already aware of it.  The Brigade alliance includes Enzo (Meow Meow), Lane (Beast), Matt (The Brain) & Hayden (Animal).  They have already give themselves nicknames.  Enzo a Capricorn, is a character and is at least providing comic relief in the house. God knows you need it on Big Brother 12. That alone could keep Enzo in the house for quite awhile.

But the excitement will be Thursday when the Saboteur is revealed to America.  As Astrochicks mentioned before, Patty Kamson thinks there is a double twist, with a Mother/Daughter connection between Taurus Kathy and Virgo Britney, both from Arkansas.

SPOILER ALERT:  Big Brother made an announcement from the Saboteur to the house guests, “I escaped the vote this week. Nice try though, house guests!”.  So now they know the Saboteur is not Rachel or Annie.  Stable and practical Taurus Regan is trying to bring calm sensible logic to the Saboteur’s news.  So, the LIVE HOH competition will be that much more important for the Saboteur to gain safety for another week.

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.