Lady Gaga still in love with ex boyfriend Luc Carl, has decided to give him a second chance. The two have been quietly dating the last couple of months and recently attended a Mets Game together.

Lady Gaga a sucker for a pretty face, has reportedly been obsessed with Luc Carl,  a Club Manager at St. Jerome for quite awhile. In an interview in Rolling Stone recently, Lady Gaga confessed that she had sacrificed her love to build a successful career. “I was in love once and I had to leave everything because I decided to put my career first. I wanted to stay home with him but I did not. It ‘been a great lesson for me, but was also a source of deep sadness,”

Despite her mad devotion to him, a source said Luc Carl was not a faithful boyfriend. “He would make out with other girls in front of her. He was also competitive about her career because he was also a struggling artist. That’s what eventually ended their relationship,” said the source.

Lady Gaga an Aries girl full of passion likes to be in control. Luc Carl is the first guy that has the power and spanks her in the ass with it. Luc a free spirited Sagittarius, is a body builder, who has a fetish for spandex. He looks like he could have played in the band Motley Crue or Poison. He’s really cute,  in a Eddie Van Halen sort of way. He also has a hilarious blog called

Lady Gaga and Luc Carl actually make a cool couple. Plus now that she’s one of the biggest stars in the world, she can actually help Luc Carl achieve his rock-n-roll dreams as well. Sadly in the end, I think he will break her heart again. Oh well, might as well enjoy the hot sex while she can.

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Jacy Nova

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