Warning this story is a very very shocking and horrible story.  Today, one of Brazilians finest players, Bruno Souza, star goalkeeper and Club Champion Flamengo, was arrested for murder.

The married soccer star, has been arrested for having his ex mistress murdered and afterward had her body parts fed to his dogs. SICK! His ex lover Eliza Samudio, a beautiful Brazilian girl lost her life because she claimed he was the father of her four month old baby.

The Provence reports, The story of the married 25-year-old player known simply as Bruno has stunned this football-mad nation, where police held a press conference Thursday to lay out the horrific crimes and Souza’s bloody role in them.

“An idol like Bruno, from such a major team, is a monster for what he has done to this girl,” said Minas Gerais state police commissioner Edson Moreira, one of the officials leading the investigation. “The crime was coldly planned and executed. We can conclude that Eliza is dead.”

Samudio met Bruno in 2009 at the home of a Flamengo teammate, according to Istoe magazine. In October, when she was five months pregnant, she reportedly filed a complaint against Bruno, saying he kidnapped and beat her and tried to force her to swallow abortion-inducing medication.

Authorities said they ordered the detention of Bruno’s wife, Dayana Rodrigues, who was found with Samudio’s baby.

Such a sad and shocking tale. Thoughts and prayers go out to Eliza Samudio’s family. What were Bruno Souza’s final words to the police after being arrested?  He was sad he would not be able to play in the World Cup 2014. CRAZY!

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Jacy Nova

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