Poor Cheryl Cole, she goes on a romantic holiday with Derek Hough and contracts malaria. The pop star collapsed during a photo shoot on Saturday, after joking to her friends she felt hungover and was diagnosed with exhaustion.

But friends said her health dramatically deteriorated the next day and she began ‘sweating and shaking’ at her £6million home in Hurtmore, Surrey.

After being rushed to the hospital, doctors gave Cheryl Cole several tests and she can up positive for malaria. She will reportedly stay in the hospital for a few more days and afterward will go home to rest. Doctors expect it to take several weeks for her to recover.

If malaria is not treated quickly – but fortunately it was in this case – it can have serious side effects, and is sometimes fatal.

One friend said the star and her doctors believed she had contracted the illness after being bitten by a mosquito during a brief holiday to Tanzania last month.

Her new boyfriend DWTS Derek Hough, has been by her side during the ordeal and plans on staying with her until she gets well. Scary stuff. Wishing Cheryl Cole a speedy recovery.

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