Erica Rose, one of the pampered princesses starring in You’re Cut Off, and former Bachelor star sat down with Patty Kamson for an exclusive one on interview. Originally from Texas, Erica’s now living in Beverly Hills for the summer with a friend.

A big believer in Astrology, Erica Rose is an Aries girl. A fun and passionate chick, she likes to be in charge. Since appearing on the show, Astrochicks was curious how You’re Cut Off, has changed her life. The most important lesson Erica says she has learned, was to appreciate everyone more in life. Also, how to be patient with people she didn’t naturally connect with and even how to be a bargain shopper. Shocker!

When first approached for the show “The Good Life,” her friends warned her there might be a catch to the new reality show. In fact, Erica Rose was surprised when VH1 flipped the script and found out she had actually being “cut off” by her parents. Erica Rose a good sport said she’s not a quitter and was up for the challenge.

Of course, when you stick several girls under one roof, there’s bound to be lots of drama. Even for Erica Rose. There was a silver lining to all that nasty arguing; she has a new BFF from the experience. She’s super tight with Jackie, who is born under the sign of Cancer. Jackie the perfect BFF gives Erica the love and support she needs. Erica Rose an Aries helps Jackie break out of her shell and be more social. In fact, the two girls hit Vegas this weekend for Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s birthday bash.  One person from the show she will NEVER be friends with is Gia. Astrochicks would have to agree, Gia came across as one tough cookie.

Erica Rose says her worst experience on the show was episode three. She doesn’t like arguing and the fighting with Gia was over the top. In episode six, Erica considers it the most fun; the girls went camping, drank lots of wine and had some special girl time.

The best experience from You’re Cut Off was Life Coach, Laura Baron.  Erica loves her positive outlook on life and the fact that she is a career woman. They became good friends during the show are and even had lunch together this week.

Since Erica appeared on the Bachelor, Astrochicks had to get the inside scoop on what she thought of the recent break up between Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi. Erica wasn’t surprised by the split but didn’t think it would be so quick. Not taking any sides, she feels there’s truth to both Jake and Vienna’s story. Although,  she really feels for Vienna, because it would be hard to not receive love & affection in a new relationship.

Does Erica Rose have a boyfriend? She is hopeful that the inner work she did on the show, will allow guys to see her in a different light and open the door for Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. Astrologically, she has dated several Virgos and would NEVER date another Scorpio. Cosmically, Patty thought Erica Rose should give Cancer and Capricorns a try. Hmm, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is a Cancer, just saying.

Erica Rose says she wants fans to know she’s very close to her dad, who has always been supportive of her career. When it comes to plastic surgery, it has always been her choice and her father has encouraged a healthy lifestyle. When he sees his baby girl unhappy, he wants help her with those issues and make sure she leads a positive life.

Erica in her last year of law school, hopes to continue her career in entertainment. In fact, she may have a new reality show in the works. Astrologically, we predict Eric Rose will get her wish and expect her next career move to be hugely successful. When it comes to love, we see a new man on the horizon right around the holidays. Maybe a sweet Christmas package from Cupid?

Don’t forget to watch Erica Rose on You’re Cut Off every Monday night at 8pm. Definitely one of Astrochicks new favorite shows!

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.