Bachelorette Ali is having a heck of a season.  Last night Ali Fedotowsky found out that Justin Rego has been two timing her. Despite the other castmates begging for Bachelorette Ali to kick Justin Rego to the curb, she ignored the red flags and let him stay while she left Casey on a mountain in Iceland. I think it’s safe to say Ali picks the bad boys.

In her official Bachelorette blog, Ali claims she wasn’t going to let Justin Rego hurt her. In fact, she was more concerned about his girlfriend Jessica Spillas, who decided to throw him under the bus and reached out to one of Ali’s former castmates from Jake Pavelka’s season. How random and scripted!

She says,”When [alleged girlfriend Jessica Spillas] called me, the first thing I said to her was ‘Are you okay?’ I felt so bad for her. I had only known Justin for a matter of weeks; he had betrayed her for years. No woman should ever let a man treat her with disrespect the way Justin did,” Fedotowsky wrote in her People blog.

“The reason I didn’t look super upset during the phone call is because I was not going to let him hurt me. I wouldn’t give Justin the satisfaction of thinking he could affect me. I wanted to be strong — for me, for Jessica, and for all the women and girls watching who have been betrayed by a man before.”

What Bachelorette Ali doesn’t know is Justin Rego is an actor as well. He appeared in a soft porn Canadian television series called “Body Language.” The show was about five Toronto strippers (similar to Red Shoe Diaries), no word on what role he played. Now Justin is pursuing a entertainment wrestling career.

My guess is Justin Rego was paid to come on the show, although ABC and Chris Harrison claim that’s not the case. Which leaves one more episode where Bachelorette Ali does get hurt. SPOILER ALERT! In the fantasy date, Frank decides to tell Ali he doesn’t love her and has decided to go back to his ex girlfriend.  Most likely, heartbroken Ali will lose all faith in the guys chosen for her and will go home empty handed.

Personally, Astrochicks prefers the Bachelor series over the Bachelorette.  Hopefully, they will pick Chris Lambton as they next Bachelor and Prince Charming will find his Cinderella. Stay tuned!

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.