Lady Gaga has taken her baby sister Natali Germanotta under her musical wing. Natali who has recently graduated, wants to be a pop star just like her sister. Lady Gaga’s parents want her baby sister to go to college instead.

Her sister Natali, excited to go out on tour with Lady Gaga, wants to sing back up and learn from the master. Natali wants to earn her right to be a star just like big sister, even though they share different musical tastes. Lady Gaga supports her decision but her parents do not.

A source says, “Gaga walked out after a screaming match with her dad. Natali was in tears. Gaga is not speaking to her father, and friends are worried that with her main support system shaken, Gaga could wind up an emotional wreck.”

Lady Gaga an Aries girl loves to be in charge. It’s either her way or the highway. Passionate and charming, she’s not use to be told no. Her parents on other hand just see her as their daughter Stephani and are probably frightened to have Natali become a non stop workaholic. Once you’re in the public eye, your life will never be the same. Maybe Lady Gaga’s parents want one daughter to have a normal life.  It can get lonely being on the road nonstop.

Since Natali is 18 years old, she can pretty much do what she wants. On her Facebook page, Natali seems to have a wide variety of musical taste that includes Arctic Monkeys, Bloodhound Gang, Citizen Cope, Jupiter Rising, The Killers, Muse and of course Lady Gaga and the Plastic Gaga band. She’s a very pretty girl and even likes Desperate Housewives!

Is the world ready for another Lady Gaga? Probably not. Astrochicks is interested to see how Natali sets herself apart from Ms. Gaga. Stay tuned!

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Jacy Nova

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