Kim Kardashian always the bridesmaid never the bride is still on the hunt for Prince Charming. Her latest conquest is Dallas Cowboys Miles Austin who says Kim Kardashian is definitely his dream girl. Which kind of dream girl, fantasy or the one who will be your baby mama and you will share your life with?

In the last few months, Kim Kardashian our Libra girl, had a very public break up with her boo Reggie Bush. Reggie a sensitive Pisces dude just wasn’t feelin the relationship anymore. He didn’t like Kim’s public lifestyle and probably needed a more behind the scenes girl. Reggie needs to be the center of attention in his ladies world and that could never happen with Kim Kardashian.

Next stop on Cupid’s List for Kim was Cristiano Ronaldo, this was one player who was definitely Kim’s match.  Ronaldo, an Aquarius loves his freedom and the ladies. There was alot of heat between the sheets but nothing serious for these two. So once again, Kim Kardashian had to move on to try to find the man she would marry.

When Astrochicks found out Kim Kardashian chose Miles Austin as her new boyfriend, we decided to ask our resident Celebrity Astrologer, Patty Kamson, what the soulmate potential was for Kim and Miles. Would their love score a touchdown?

Here’s the cosmic lowdown, Kim a Libra is experiencing her first Saturn return.  Saturn returns are about maturing to the next level in life.  It’s time for her dial down the partying and think seriously about getting married, purchasing a new home, career opportunities and possibly even having a child.  Probably Kim’s break up with Reggie, although heartbreaking,  was her way of getting in line with her soul’s purpose and to stop wasting time with someone who is not ready to have a family.

Kim’s new relationship with Miles Austin a Cancer,  is exciting because they have a strong Pluto/Sun connection.  The physical chemistry is hot and popping, which sometimes can prolong a relationship that in the big picture isn’t for the long haul.  Miles fulfills her emotional needs and at heart he’s a family man. In addition, having a strong Pluto/Sun connection in a relationship chart encourages huge growth potential and life lessons for both parties.

I think Kim and Miles will have a fun relationship in the short-term but I don’t see this going down the wedding isle.  Kim Kardashian is definitely ready to get married but I don’t see it with Miles Austin.  She needs to find Mr. Right and not get distracted by Mr. Right now. Keep looking Kim, he’s out there waiting for you!

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Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.