After Jake Pavelka and Vienna’s big blow out this Wednesday, the Bachelor flew on the “wings of love” back to Dallas. He hosted the local show, Good Morning Texas, and posted on his Twitter, “what a great day for aviation.” Also, he let fans know he’s hanging in there.

In the ongoing Twitter saga of Jake and Vienna’s he said/she said, ABC has tried to do damage control over the altercation between the Bachelor and his former lady love, Vienna Girardi.

I guess Mike Fleiss decided it was a good idea to interview the couple after it was announced the couple had split. Jake accused his bride to be of cheating and Vienna said he was an evil monster who refused have sex with her.

If you’ve read the various versions of what happened, ABC did fess up that the reunion was “emotionally charged” but they deny Jake Pavelka ever threatened to hit her. What they didn’t deny was the verbal lashing Jake Pavelka gave Vienna, screaming at her to shut up several times. He may be an officer but he’s not a gentleman.

Vienna Girardi’s family is speaking out on Twitter, providing love and support for our Gemini girl. Her sister Kayla, has been upset over the media frenzy of Jake and Vienna’s break up. She tweeted, “despite everything, jake wanted to hit my sister and was separated from her. 🙁 but the truth will eventually come out.” After a few fans questioned what happened based on conflicting articles, she also wrote, “that magazine has been lying from the beginning… it did happen.”

Astrochicks tends to believe Vienna’s version of what happened. Jake Pavelka has admitted in previous interviews he wants a woman who will follow his lead, listen to him, etc. Translation, I’m a control freak you better do as I say. Also, on DWTS we got to witness his nasty temper with Chelsea, demanding that she better show him respect, etc. I wonder if he went sobbing in his dressing room afterward?

Well as Chris Harrison would say, the most dramatic Bachelor season ever. Big hug to Vienna Girardi, word is she’s moving back to Florida to be with her family. Hopefully Jake will fly away some where never to return.

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.