Jillian Harris is speaking out over the recent break up of Jake and Vienna. Sad over their break up, she’s wishing the former couple the best and sympathizes over trying to build a love relationship under the spotlight.

She says, “People think that [they] are just reality stars, relationships come and go, or they did it for publicity,” Jillian tells OK! Magazine about Jake and Vienna. “But the truth is someone is hurting here… Maybe [it’s] both of them, and that saddens me.

“I send big hugs to both of them and hope their hearts heal quickly, and people are easy on them,” she tells OK! “Again, to remind people who are quick to judge — they are just regular people, who really believed in love.”

What was surprising, is Jillian Harris admitted that she has hit a rough patch with her honey, Ed Swiderski. She tells the mag that as a result they’ve stopped drinking alcohol, with Jillian determined to lead a “healthy lifestyle and focusing on things that make [her] happy.” Hopefully the two can work out their differences, they make a super cute couple.

Jillian is continuing to build her design empire and is still sharing a pad with Ed in Chicago. No word if she will appear on the AFTR for Bachelorette Ali. Astrochicks wishing Jillian and Ed the best. Love ya girl.

UPDATE  July 6, 2010 – It’s reportedly OVER for Jillian and Ed. I was told a couple of months ago there would be no marriage from a news source in Canada. I chose not to run it because I wasn’t absolutely certain. Reality Steve is reporting the same as well. I bet Jillian wishes she picked Reid after all. Big hug to Jillian.

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Jacy Nova

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